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Create a Facebook Tab with your reviews

Step 1: Locate our Facebook Tab Review Widget

To start using our Facebook Integration the first thing to do is to locate it inside the Widgets submenu at the last position.

Step 2: Connect Opinew to your Facebook Business Page

Inside the Facebook Reviews Tab page you will start the process to log in and create your reviews tab for your facebook business page.

Step 3: Log into Facebook

Log into your Facebook account by clicking on the button next to the Facebook icon.

Step 4: Install Opinew Reviews on your Facebook Page

Once you are successfully logged in, a button to install our opinew app on your Facebook business page will show up. Click on “Install Opinew App”. It will show the list of your managed pages, select one and continue with the installation.

For a moment you will be redirected to Facebook to complete this operation.

Step 5: Publish your Shopify reviews to Facebook

After the Opinew app is installed on your Facebook business page, you will be redirected automatically back to Opinew’s dashboard. There, you will see a button to publish your reviews on your Facebook page.

After they’re published you will see a success alert on top of your personal information.

Step 6: Check the review widget on your Facebook page

After everything is done, you can go to your Facebook business page and see the end results. Click on More > Reviews and you will find your reviews managed by Opinew for your customers to browse.

Updated on September 16, 2021

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