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Australian Bodycare uses Opinew to showcase customer reviews across its international network of nine Shopify sites. In the period immediately after integration, Opinew helped to drive over $350,000 of revenue and decreased product returns by 18%.

The Client

Australian Bodycare is a skincare retailer that specializes in products that contain tea tree oil. Founded in 1992, the company currently employs sixty-six employees, boasts a presence in over fifteen countries, and generated in excess of $15,000,000 in 2020. In conjunction with its ecommerce website, Australian Bodycare also offers its branded products in over 7,000 drug stores across Europe.

All Australian Bodycare’s products incorporate tea tree oil, a naturally-derived essential oil highly regarded for its cleansing, healing, and protective qualities. Tea tree oil also has many powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

All of the products sold by Australian Bodycare are tailored to be family-friendly, gentle, and suitable for individuals with common skin complaints. Many products have also been formulated to combat specific problems, like hair loss, stretch marks, lice, and so on.

Australian Bodycare’s broad mission is to improve the health of its ever-widening base of international customers through education, innovation, and, most importantly, a diverse range of specialized, natural products. was launched in 2020 and caters to a worldwide audience, with dedicated teams on every continent.





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The Challenge

Before implementing Opinew on its multi-language network of Ecommerce sites, Australian Bodycare faced the following problems:

Difficulties displaying Amazon reviews on product pages :

Australian Bodycare’s Amazon listings had significant numbers of reviews. But the absence of an automated syncing process meant that these reviews were unavailable to customers on the company’s Shopify stores. Importing these reviews manually on an ongoing basis was prohibitively time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Limited SEO-optimization of reviews on product pages :

Australian Bodycare was eager to optimize product pages so that review snippets would appear in Google search results. It was probable that the absence of SEO-optimized reviews was resulting in lost search traffic.

Lack of an integrated feature-set for product reviews :

Along with a dedicated area for showcasing product reviews on product pages, Australian Bodycare wanted to display question-and-answer (Q&A) sections where customers could submit queries, receive responses, and read previous questions.

The Opinew team are super kind and always treat their customers with great respect!

Simon Bjørn Rasmussen, Ecommerce Manager for Australian Bodycare

The Solution

Opinew worked closely with Australian Bodycare to integrate review widgets, tailored to fit with the branding and site design, on all of its product pages across its large network of sites. Australian Bodycare has benefitted from the following features since installation:

Opinew provided the following benefits:

Seamless Shopify integration:

Opinew integrates directly with Shopify and is accessible from a straightforward user dashboard. According to Ecommerce manager Simon Bjørn Rasmussen, “The app is super intuitive and easy to navigate.” Because of this, the technical burden on Australian Bodycare is eliminated.

Question-and-answer (Q&A) functionality:

The translation and rich media features helped NAIPO save time when it came to making reviews accessible to foreign markets

Code optimized for page speed and search engine optimization:

Opinew is fully search-engine-optimized. As a result, Google now displays review snippets in its organic results for Australian Bodycare product pages. Opinew code is also optimized for page speed, a key ranking factor.

Bulk review imports:

Opinew’s bulk review import feature makes it possible to import large quantities of reviews from Amazon. Australian Bodycare imported 4000 reviews over six months. A further 500 were automatically collected from across the web.

Speedy access to customer success representatives:

Customer success representatives helped Australian Bodycare with a fast implementation. Additional assistance ensured that the app was being used in the most effective way possible going forward.


Value of sales through Opinew during two weeks after installation.


Decrease in returns since installing Opinew.

Replicate Australian Bodycare's Success

Using Opinew’s simple, powerful integration, Australian Bodycare built customer trust, increased conversions, and boosted revenue. If you run a Shopify store, you can achieve the same success by leveraging your existing reviews. If you’d like to see a demo, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

“We chose Opinew as an integration partner instead of similar apps because of the supreme support we got from day one, the competitive pricing, and the integration’s technical superiority.”

Simon Bjørn Rasmussen, Ecommerce Manager for Australian Bodycare

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