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Review Carousel Help Guide

General information

Sometimes you would want to show some of the best reviews across your shop on the same place, with our review carousel you can showcase handpicked reviews from different products and show them on your homepage for your customers to see.

What kind of reviews it shows :

Each review carousel will display blocks of text displaying the product name, the body of the review, and the date of the publication.

Where it should be used on the store :

The widget is meant to be displayed on the homepage of your store.

More information :

Besides some basic styling options that can be changed, the dates and product names can be turned on and off as it is needed.

Installation Instructions

Watch our video tutorial below to quickly add a review carousel to your Shopify’s store homepage.

Method 1: App Blocks (Storefront 2.0)

What types of pages can the element be drag-and-dropped:

Homepage, collection pages

Watch App Blocks Tutorial Video

See the full help center article tutorial for App Blocks.

Method 2: Javascript

Insert the code to indicate where you want the review carousel to show. It can be any type of html element but we recommend div or span element. It needs to have the required class and data attributes as described below.

<div class="opinew-carousel-plugin-dynamic"></div>

Method 3: Shopify Liquid

If you want to add the carousel to page other than a homepage (blog, custom product page etc.) You can just add this code into the liquid template of that page:

{% section 'opinew_review_carousel' %}

Updated on September 18, 2023
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