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How to create Coupons in Opinew

Opinew lets you include a coupon offer in your review request emails, SMS and printed requests.

Read through our step-by-step guide, or watch our video tutorial below to quickly start creating and sending coupons with Opinew.

The end result (Coupon offer in email request, before they write review)

Here is how this offer looks like in a review request email:

To create it inside of the review request email template, we use conditional merge tags. If there are no coupons or no coupon matches, the text will not display.

Edit In Request > Review Requests Configuration > Email template

The end result (After they write review)

After your customer writes their review, they will be shown a page with a coupon code and get an email.

Web Page

Edit in Request > Review Requests Configuration > Thank you page


Creating a Coupon

To create a coupon, go to Request > Review Request Configuration > Coupon.

Opinew is fully integrated with Shopify couponing system so coupons you create in Opinew will be created in Shopify.

Here you will create the coupon.

And customize the coupon email template

And here you can customize the “Thank You Page” that shows immediately after customer leaves a review and can also include the coupon.

After you created a coupon

  1. Add a coupon offering text to your review request email
  2. You can personalise the coupon email to fit your branding
  3. Customize the Thank You Page with the coupon text. If any of the coupons apply to the customer they can be displayed here too since this is the page the customer goes to after writing a verified review.

Updated on September 18, 2023

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