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How to create Coupons in Opinew

Opinew lets you include a coupon offer in your review request emails, SMS and printed requests. Here is how this offer looks like in a review request email:

Edit In Request > Review Requests Configuration > Email template

We use merge tags to create a coupon offer message. If there are no coupons or no coupon matches, the text will not display.

Here is the end result inside of an email:

After your customer writes their review, they will be shown a page with a coupon code and get an email.

Web Page

Edit in Request > Review Requests Configuration > Thank you page


Edit in Request > Review Requests Configuration > Coupon

Creating a Coupon

To create a coupon, go to Coupons menu in the Opinew admin panel. Either use the quick, safe default we created or use the advanced option. Opinew is fully integrated with Shopify coupons system so coupons you create in Opinew will be created in Shopify.

Coupon Creator

Go to Request > Coupons and then click the ‘Create a coupon’ button on the top right section.

Step 1 – General Info

Static or Dynamic

It depends if you want to have the same or a different name for each coupon. Static ex. REVIEW5OFF, Dynamic ex. X4S5W32.

Coupon Name

If you chose Dynamic, the name of the coupon(ex. REVIEW) will be the start of the dynamic coupon code ex. REVIEW836SJ

Coupon Value

Don’t type $ or %. Type only the number (eg. 5, 10). This is the amount of discount you want to give. It will be a currency value of your shop’s main currency or %.

Percent or Fixed Value or Free Shipping

The type of discount you want to give. Fixed value will mean a discount in the currency of your shop.

Step 2 – Usage Limits

Total coupons

How many coupons do you want to create in total? eg. 100, 500

One per customer

Can every customer use the coupon only once?

Step 3 – When To Offer Rules

When should Opinew offer to give a coupon if somebody leaves a review

All customers or Specific order product

All customers means we will offer a coupon to everybody who left a verified review after we sent a review request to them.

Specific – you can offer this coupon only for people who had specific product or products in their order. eg. “send this ARMANI10OFF coupon only if customer ordered Armani trousers”. This way you can offer certain coupons for certain types of shoppers.

Step 4 – Redeem Rules

After we send the coupon, what conditions do you want the customer to meet to use the coupon?

No Order Value Limit or Only Above

Choose if you want to set the order limit. eg. Coupon valid only for orders above $50.

Product Restrictions

eg. Coupon valid only for those products: Armani Trousers X, Metallic Watch S500, iPhone 11

Step 5 – Expiry

Doesn’t expire or Expiry date

Should the coupon last indefinitely or do you want to pick a date of expiry?

After you created a coupon

  1. Add a coupon offering text to your review request email
  2. You can personalise the coupon email to fit your branding
  3. Customize the Thank You Page with the coupon text. If any of the coupons apply to the customer they can be displayed here too since this is the page the customer goes to after writing a verified review.

Updated on March 31, 2021

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