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5 / 5 14 Apr, 2019 Verified purchase

love this product. My teeth feel so clean after using

5 / 5 19 Sep, 2018 Verified purchase

Awesome! Works as described.

5 / 5 05 Oct, 2018 Verified purchase

I think this is the first time I have ever written a review. I have been seen by the best doctors in America- At Columbia Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I learned that doctors, even the best don't know as much as I thought they did. Being a part of a family that is plagued by auto immune disorders and inflammation with not a lot of help from traditional medicine, I began to research alternative methods of healing. After learning about oil pulling and having a bout of Lichen Planus, (which can last months) I gave this product a try. Within two days it was cleared up. There was immediate relief. I had a few more outbreaks, but they were shortlived. I have not had any issues in weeks after using this once or twice daily. Incredible.

5 / 5 21 Sep, 2018

I was going to have to have a deep cleaning. I saw this product and somebody at the store highly recommended it. I thought it can't hurt. When I went back to get my teeth done 3 months later, they asked me where I got my teeth deep cleaned because my gums had completely improved and I no longer needed the deep cleaning. I usually buy this at Lassens, but they continually run out, so I am here ordering now on Amazon. My dentist couldn't believe it.

5 / 5 29 Mar, 2019 Verified purchase

this is my first time using this whitener pen and it works! people it works! I’ve been using Audrey products specially and mainly the oil pulling for 3 years. these are the product that conventional dentist don’t agree to but buy some and try it yourself.

5 / 5 23 May, 2019 Verified purchase

Excellent Products

5 / 5 19 Sep, 2018 Verified purchase

I love this so much. I love the taste, the texture all of it!!! Highly recommend.

5 / 5 01 Oct, 2018 Verified purchase

Absolutely amazing product, no questions about it. The combination of natural ingredients used is testament to the insight this company has on natural healing methods. This is truly Ayurvedic Medicine. Use regularly to keep great oral healthand heal any mouth ailments. This helped tremendously with my wisdom teeth pain and a cavity I had. Definitely the real deal, have been sharing with friends!